Saturday, March 24, 2012

Guest Post *Slow Cooking Kitchen: Royal Malibu Coconut Cake w/ Raspberry Jam

 A delicious coconut cake layered with raspberry jam, Malibu Rum icing, and chocolate ganache drizzle. 

Have you met Neshanne of Oishii Treats? If not, you should take a moment to visit her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday. Not only does she serve up "MUST HAVE" delicious treats, she also actively serves in the U.S. Military in Misawa, Japan
. Now that's impressive!

Happy Birthday, Neshanne!!! May your day be filled with happiness, harmony and oishii calories, lol !!!

*Wow! Tess out did herself with this beautiful cake and I cannot thank her enough, not only for the cake but her kind words as well. For the recipe to the this rockin Malibu Coconut Cake go to Slow Cooking Kitchen, and please visit for her blog for her awesome recipes and beautiful pictures. 


  1. Looks very good-) Nice to meet you!

  2. Thank you my lovely friend Tess from Slow Cooking Kitchen made it for me. :)


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