Some wonderful awards passed down from some wonderful foodie friends and bloggers.

Thank you to Maggie at Kitchie Coo she had passed on the Kreativ blogger and Sunshine award to me and want to express how honored and excited I was to find that she would think of me. Thank you Maggie. =) I need to say  Thank you to Sandra's Recipes  who also passed it along to me, wow so very surprised : ) to see who I passed it on to click here.

Thank you to the lovely Kit from I-Lost in Austen. She had passed on the Liebster Award to me :)  I gotta say I was so excited and genuinely surprised. Thank you Kit for thinking of me and for makin my weekend awesome :) 

                                                      To see who I passed this on to click here.

 Thank you to my friend Tess from Slowcookingkitchen :) she nominated me for the Happy Blogger Award. I was sincerely surprised and "Happy" that she would think of me.

Too see who I passed it on too click here.

I was nominated by one of my new Foodie friends from Smitten Kitchen for the Versatile Blogger Award . I am very honored and excited that someone would take the time to send me a shot out.  This is my first nomination and I can't be more surprised and honored :)

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Chris from My Mother's Daughter had passed on the One Lovely Blog Award to me. I'm so honored that she had passed it on to me. It's amazing to be recognized by other in the food blog community and even better to get the opportunity to pass on the love.
Too see who I passed it on too click here

I want to thank CJ from Food Stories for nominating me for her very first monthly food stories award.  I love that she enjoys reading my blog because I always enjoy reading hers.  Too see who I passed it on too click here.


  1. I just found your blog on hellocotton, it's a wonderful blog. I like the hommy feel to it great job hunny

  2. can i substitute the cocnut oil with a diffreent oil for the apple pie cupcakes, we have an allergy

    1. Yes totally, you can substitute it with the same amount of butter, canola oil or vegetable oil. I hope you enjoy the cupcakes!


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